Upgrade Your Fireplace Instead of Replacing It

Almost everyone loves a fireplace. Fireplaces consistently make the list of the most desired amenities for home buyers. However, older fireplaces are often inefficient. In addition, an older fireplace likely doesn’t match your current design style. Replacing the fireplace is going to be an expensive and likely cost-prohibitive project, so what’s the solution?

The good news is that upgrading an existing fireplace is far more cost-effective than completely replacing it. Whether you’re looking to sell in the future or simply want to update your home’s interior, here are a few ways to upgrade your fireplace instead of replacing it.

Upgrade Your Fireplace in Chattanooga, TNImprove the efficiency of an aging fireplace

One of the downsides of an older, open fireplace is the decreased heating efficiency. Installing a fireback or insert is one way to help combat this. A fireback reflects heat and boosts the amount of insulation in your fireplace. This also has the bonus of updating the look of the firebox itself as you can choose a fireback that accents the design of your room.

An insert provides the same efficiency boost. The installation of a fireplace insert helps your wood burn longer and keeps more of the heat in your home instead of escaping up the chimney.

Installing a heat exchanger can also boost efficiency by using the waste gases put off from your firewood to generate more heat. However, as this is a hotter solution, an inspection by Chimney Solutions is often necessary to ensure your chimney and fireplace can withstand the higher temperature.

Update the appearance of an outdated fireplace

If you live in a century-old Victorian, you likely don’t want to update the appearance of your fireplace because it matches the aesthetic. However, if your home was built in more recent years, like the 80s or early 90s, then you may be ready to update the look of it.

As you update other spaces to make them more modern and up-to-date, the fireplace will stand out if it is left untouched. Simple upgrades like adding glass doors, recovering the fireplace face, and removing or replacing the mantle are easy ways to update its appearance. Additionally, this is where you might consider converting to a gas fireplace. There are many design options to choose from to match your decor.

And finally, improve safety

One last important upgrade which improves the safety of your fireplace system is to schedule an inspection if you haven’t had one in over a year. Your Chimney Solutions tech will inspect the inner and outer workings of your fireplace and chimney, looking for signs of damage, cracking, or leaks. They’ll also remove any remaining ash from the firebox and clean the creosote off the inner surface.

Fuel Changouts and Fireplace Upgrades in Atlanta GAChimney Solutions is here for all your needs

Making something better doesn’t always mean you have to start over from scratch. With these tips, you can update your current fireplace and continue to enjoy it for years to come.

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