What Is TuckPointing

What is Tuckpointing, and How can it Save You Money?

Chimney A fireplace is a beautiful thing, but the chimney is out of sight and therefore often out of mind. What many homeowners don’t realize is that the masonry on the chimney needs repair at some point. Brick and rock can last a century, but mortar usually lasts about 25 years at most. Weather conditions can be harsh, and the mortar joints between masonry become damaged. When the mortar deteriorates, excess moisture can enter the chimney system and cause even more problems. Ultimately, if the chimney isn’t repaired, it could begin leaning or might possibly collapse. Rebuilding a chimney can be very expensive, but tuckpointing is a far less costly repair procedure that replaces damaged mortar and extends the life of the chimney.

It’s not simply the age of the mortar that can lead to a need for repair. If the chimney is exposed to runoff when it rains, extreme moisture could accelerate the deterioration process. We often install accessories for our customers that divert water away from the chimney; these are called “crickets.” Whatever the reasons for damaged mortar, tuckpointing is the best approach to restoring the chimney to its former sound condition.

How Tuckpointing Works

Tuckpointing is a process which involves routing out damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. We know how to do the job right, which means that the original shape of the bricks and mortar are recreated. The step-by-step procedure for tuckpointing a red brick chimney follows:

  • At a uniform depth, route out or ground out the old mortar.
  • In the newly routed grooves, fill in red mortar.
  • Cut thin strips down the middle of the red mortar to form grooves.
  • Prepare a mortar color that matches the original mortar on the outside of the chimney, and use it to fill in the grooves.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

If damaged mortar is not replaced, the chimney begins to deteriorate. The process of corrosion is stopped by tuckpointing. Here are more benefits of tuckpointing on chimneys:

  • Mortar joint corrosion is halted.
  • The chimney’s structural stability is restored. But if the mortar joints are not repaired, the weak chimney structure will eventually begin leaning or may collapse altogether.
  • Tuckpointing helps to protect your chimney system from damaging moisture. When the mortar is damaged, water seeps into the chimney and can get between the flue lining and the chimney. A serious amount of unseen damage can occur, such as mildew, rotting wood, and mold. In addition, the moisture Masonry Repairs Neededcauses the face of the masonry to pop or flake off.  Moisture can also cause the wallpaper and ceiling around the chimney to be stained.
  • Tuckpointing can save you money because it is much less expensive than a tear-down and rebuild. You can avoid the expense of having to replace the entire chimney structure.
  • Once the tuckpointing procedure is done, your chimney is restored to its original state.
  • When your chimney is in good shape, the value of your home is increased.

Is your chimney in need of repair? Contact our chimney professionals if you need repair or have questions about the condition of your chimney.


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