Why Do Chimney Flue Tiles Crack?

The liners inside built-in chimneys are typically made with clay tiles. Eventually, homeowners might have occasion to wonder why chimney flue tiles crack. This revelation about cracked flue tiles usually follows a chimney inspection. It is no wonder fire safety experts insist that such inspections should be scheduled annually. Chimney liners must be fully intact to be safe. Chimney flue tile damage can occur anywhere, from top to bottom. Only trust tried and true chimney sweeps since many posers invade this unregulated industry. In Georgia and Tennessee, call the professional chimney technicians at Chimney Solutions for flue liner replacement.

chimney flue tiles Stone Mountain GAWhat are Chimney Flue Tiles?

Clay tiles used to build chimney flues are a very economical and durable material. The tiles can withstand the heat and corrosive materials they are exposed to from home fires. However, chimney flue tiles crack over time. On average, the lifespan of clay tile liners is between 20 and 25 years. Even a tiny crack in a flue liner is enough to cause the dire need for chimney liner repair or replacement. 

Why Do Chimney Flue Tiles Crack?

Deterioration from wear and tear is the most common reason why flue tiles crack. Corrosion from combustion fumes together with moisture leads to the gradual breakdown of chimney flue tiles. However, poor craftsmanship in building a chimney can result in quicker deterioration of your clay flue tiles. On rare occasions, lightning strikes have been known to cause chimney liners to crack. 

Why is a Damaged Chimney Flue Liner Dangerous?

Chimney flue liners are major safety components in chimney systems. The toxic gases produced by fires will leak into your home if the liner has damage as small as a tiny crack. Carbon monoxide (CO) is among those fumes, and CO exposure can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is known as the Silent Killer because it has no odor, no taste, and it is invisible. 

A crack in a tile liner can also increase the risk of an out-of-control home fire. A crack in the flue tiles exposes combustible materials to extreme levels of heat. Over time, the materials will be changed through a process called pyrolysis. Because of pyrolysis, the materials will ignite at a much lower temperature than they could have before.

How to Replace a Clay Tile Liner

Once deterioration occurs in a clay tile flue liner, the best and most economical solution is to schedule chimney liner replacement. Most chimney experts recommend replacement with a stainless steel chimney liner. These durable replacement liners usually come with a guarantee.

stainless steel chimney liners in Chattanooga TN

Why Not Repair Clay Flue Tiles?

Partial teardown and rebuild of a chimney is involved in repairing clay flue tiles. The entire structure is subject to also breaking down in the not-too-distant future. Therefore, making repairs rather than replacing the tile liner doesn’t make much sense. 

Call the Experts for Chimney Flue Tile Repair or Replacement

In an industry notorious for scammers, Chimney Solutions makes things easy for homeowners. We offer proven services by CSIA-certified chimney sweeps. Call us when you have questions such as why chimney flue tiles crack. We offer reliable chimney inspection services, masonry repair, chimney cleaning, masonry rebuilds, chimney liner repair, chimney liner replacement, fireplace installation, chimney cap installation, and more.

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