Why Is My Chimney Discolored?

Have you ever noticed that your chimney appears to be discolored? If so, you’ve probably also both wondered if there is a problem and what caused it. There are a handful of reasons for the latter, and the former will depend on the type of stain. So today, we’re going to answer the question “Why is my chimney discolored” and provide a solution to each possible cause.

chimney waterproofing experts, atlanta gaWhite stains, usually known as efflorescence

The least worrisome type of stain on your chimney is the color white. Sometimes, when our Chimney Solutions technicians visit a house, the homeowner will point out white stains on their chimney.

In most cases, this is simply efflorescence. Efflorescence is leftover discoloration from moisture evaporation on the outside of your masonry. While there is a chance the water is making its way into your brick-and-mortar, we’ll make that determination during our visit. All you may need is a simple layer of waterproofing to protect the structure.

Black or brown stains, usually from soot

If your chimney is discolored with black or brown stains, it’s time for an inspection ASAP. Either of these two colors is a strong indicator that you have an excessive build-up of creosote within your flue. A sweep can help eliminate this problem.

Another possibility of black or brown stains on a discolored chimney is a problem with drafting. Your damper may need to be repaired or replaced, which we can easily tackle for you.

Green and blue stains (as well as a few black stain possibilities)

The next reason you may have a chimney that is discolored is a four-letter word no one wants to ever hear: mold. However, before we go down that path, let’s talk about the cause.

Moisture in a home can be a serious problem. Mold and mildew like to grow in dark, damp places. Green and blue stains are the first step: algae growth. They’re a warning sign that there is an immediate moisture issue with your chimney.

But if left unattended, black mold can begin growing. In each situation, you should address the problem immediately with a chimney professional.

Red or rust-colored stains

Another moisture-related problem can also lead to a discolored chimney. There are multiple metal components to your chimney and fireplace system. Those include your: Damper, Cap, and Flue, if you have a stainless steel insert.

Rusty Chase cover replacement in Atlanta GA

When moisture mixes with metal, it oxidizes. This leads to rust, which can then manifest itself as a reddish discoloration on various parts of your chimney. Fixing the moisture issue is the first step followed by repairing or replacing the affected component.

Helping you figure out why your chimney is discolored

In each of the cases above, the best solution to determine why your chimney is discolored is to schedule an inspection. Our Chimney Solutions technicians will visit your home and determine the specific cause as well as the best solution. Remember, we’re here to help.

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