Why You Need A Chimney Scan

What is a chimney scan anyway? Well simply, it is a safety inspection. You wonder, why do I have to have a different type of inspection, I thought I already paid for my inspection. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has three stages of inspection. We will discuss them below.

chimney inspections in Winder GALevel One

In this stage, cleaning of the chimney and inspection take place. Mainly visualizing the exterior areas of the chimney that are accessible.

Level Two

During this inspection level, specialized tools and equipment are used. This might include a scan and a camera. The camera will thread through the channels of the flue. This can visualize the inside of your chimney checking for damage.

Level Three

This level is only used when there have been serious issues or hazards discovered. This level is used when there is a need for a professional chimney technician to remove a portion of the chimney to repair it. 

A regular annual chimney sweep will clean and sweep your chimney to identify issues before they get too big. 

Levels one and two are normal inspections. You will most likely only need a level one on an annual basis.

Level two would be suggested if you are buying or selling a home or if there had been a chimney fire in the past. For the safety of your family, a level 2 inspection to view the interior of your chimney is recommended.

Safety Comes First

With your annual chimney sweep and inspection, the outer areas of the chimney will be inspected. With a level 2 inspection, a high-resolution camera is sent up the chimney. This scan will look for any cracking, warping, fire damage, and other damage that may have occurred. If issues with the interior flue liner are found, this may mean that combustible gasses may be leaking into the home such as carbon monoxide. This scanning device can identify these issues and alert you to them. A level one inspection does not inspect the interior lining of the chimney. The safety of your family should always come first. This can be a very dangerous situation and may lead to death.

Keeping your chimney in tip-top shape will protect your family. Preventing issues with the level two scan can also save lives. When speaking to your technician at Chimney Solutions, ask about the different levels of inspections. If you haven’t had a scan done in a few years, this may be the year to book one.

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From answering the phones to the final clean-up on job sites, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.  One of the many ways we do this is by obtaining certifications for our employees.  Having certified associates means that Chimney Solutions invests thousands of dollars annually to have industry professionals educate our technicians with the latest industry standards and regulations. When our “experts” discuss your chimney and fireplace repair needs, we speak with extensive knowledge and confidence about specific laws and codes pertaining to the operation of your fireplace. 

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