Why You Want & Need a Wood Stove

Wood StoveIf you are considering updating your heating system or are looking to add a functional yet decorative statement to your home’s interior, try a wood burning stove. Unlike the wood burning stoves of last century, today’s modern wood stove models offer convenient and contemporary features and unique designs and styles that will fit in with any décor. There are a number of great reasons you should consider installing a wood burning stove.

Here’s a look at the top 5 reasons homeowners choose wood stoves:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Saves Money Through Energy Efficiency
  • Doesn’t Require Electricity
  • Effective Heating Method
  • Function System That Also Adds Beauty to a Room


For those eco-conscious homeowners, burning wood is a great way to heat your home while still being environmentally friendly. Wood, itself, is a renewable fuel source that is easy to obtain. Burning wood in a fireplace, stove, or insert is also considered “carbon neutral” which means there’s a zero-sum impact in carbon emission when you burn a fire. When a tree falls in the woods it begins to rot away giving off heat, water, and CO2. As you burn wood, the same amount of C02 is released as if the wood decayed naturally so you will not increase your carbon footprint.

Saves Money

Wood heat costs less per BTU than fuels like gas, oil, or electricity. In fact, it is free for those who can cut their own wood. A wood burning stove not only saves money due to the fuel source, it’s also great at cutting your heating bill since you won’t be using gas or electric to keep your home warm during the cold winter months. In fact, zone heating is a great advantage of a wood burning stove. Don’t waste energy dollars by heating every room in your house. Instead, utilize your wood burning stove to heat only the rooms you use most frequently.

Contemporary wood burning stoves are also extremely efficient. They must meet strict standards with particle emissions and manufactures spend plenty of money on creating units that get optimum heating efficiency. If you want to cut costs next winter, installing a wood stove is the way to go.

Doesn’t Depend on Electricity

Another advantage of a wood-burning stove is that it does not rely on electricity to function. If you experience a bad storm or your home loses power for some other reason, you will still remain warm thanks to your wood stove. It can provide heat and warmth when the power is out, which is extremely important on cold winter nights.

More Comfort Through Effective Heating

If you own a forced-air heating system or heat pump, you know that your home can actually feel cooler than what the thermostat reads. Wood stoves produce incredible radiant heat that warms the air much quicker and in a more efficient manner than a hot air system. In fact, you can heat the room’s air to a much warmer temperature than you probably ever would from a thermostat.

Beautify Your Living Space

Wood Burning StoveMany people enjoy fireplaces because they make a great focal point. Today’s wood burning stoves are designed for style and beauty and come in a number of finishes, shapes, and sizes. With the number of models available, you’re sure to find a stove that fits perfectly with your taste and your home’s décor. Stoves are also easier to install and need fewer requirements when it comes to installation making them great choices for small rooms or cramped living spaces where a full fireplace would be impractical.

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