Winter Maintenance for Your Home

Just like the other three seasons of the year, there is a whole list of jobs to be done around the house to prepare for winter. As an example, since we’ve now shifted to colder weather, you’ve probably also put your mower in the shed. Hopefully, you had a chance to caulk your door frames and windows as well. Along with those smaller to-do tasks come some other essential responsibilities to keep everything running smoothly. Today, let’s go over what winter maintenance for your home looks like.

Annual Chimney Inspections in Atlanta GAFireplace and chimney components

Of course, your fireplace and chimney should be inspected yearly! Ideally, you will schedule an inspection with a Chimney Solutions technician early in the fall. This will help you get ahead of any early cold snaps or the potential of being added to a waiting list.

Trust us, the number of calls that come in when the temperature drops is significant.

Your technician will first ensure that your chimney and firebox are free of creosote (the black, tar-like substance on the lining of your flue). They will then inspect both the internal and external components of your system for any moisture, cracks, or other signs of damage.

Heating systems check

You don’t wait until it’s cold to schedule a furnace inspection. Biannual inspections can alert you to any issues with your system. It will also allow ample time to have them repaired so that your HVAC is ready when you need it.

Additionally, replacing your furnace filter a minimum of twice per year will help your unit run efficiently and keep your home nice and toasty all winter long. A dirty filter will cause your system to work harder and can raise your energy usage significantly.


It’s easy to get busy and forget about cleaning your gutters. After all, they’re up above your head where you really can’t even see them day to day.

Unfortunately though, leaving your gutters full of leaves through the winter can lead to damage in your home. Gutters are designed to direct water away from your structure but if there’s nowhere for the water to go, you guessed it, it’s going to come in.

When you’re caulking your windows, you’re probably up on a ladder to reach your second-floor rooms. Use this time wisely to clear out any gutter blockages you encounter.

Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Another small yet important item to check off your to-do list this winter is to check and replace the batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. As a rule of thumb, you can set a reminder for yourself to replace batteries whenever you replace your HVAC filter.

Chimney Service Company in Chattanooga TN Simple winter maintenance can improve your home’s efficiency

Here’s a quick bonus tip to think about. Once the turns colder, switch the direction of your ceiling fan blades. They should be spinning clockwise to help push warm air down from the ceiling and into your space.

This job and some of the others we’ve mentioned can easily be done by the homeowner. And for your fireplace and chimney needs, call us at Chimney Solutions. Our team is trained and licensed in the best and safest inspection and repair practices.

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