Upgrade The Wood Fireplace with To Gas Fireplace Insert

If you’re tired of the extra work that comes with running a wood-burning fireplace and think life would be much simpler with a gas appliance, making the transition is easier than you think. A new gas fireplace insert is built to fit right into the firebox of your masonry fireplace and will bring you many welcomed benefits.

Why go with a gas insert?

Gas Fireplace Inserts Installations in Marietta, GAHomeowners have many reasons for upgrading to a gas fireplace insert.

The key benefits they seek include:

Ease of use: Unlike with a wood fireplace, when you’ve got a gas fireplace, you’ve got instant warmth. The insert starts and stops with a simple switch or remote. The level of heat is fully adjustable.

High heat output: Typical open masonry fireplaces send the majority of the heat they produce up the chimney.


Gas fireplace inserts, because of their closed-combustion system and heavy-duty insulation, preserve as much as 80% or more of their heat to use in warming your home. (Masonry fireplaces, by comparison, hold on to 20% and often much less of their heat.)

Clean-burning fuel: Gas is among the cleanest-burning fuels around. Neither natural gas nor propane creates creosote, which is a byproduct of wood combustion and is highly flammable. Wood fireplace users must have a professional chimney sweep clean their chimneys once a year. Gas fireplace users bypass this maintenance task.

Minimal maintenance: Maintaining a gas fireplace insert revolves around periodically wiping it down inside and out and scheduling an annual safety inspection to make sure the gas lines and combustion components are in good working order.

No chimney construction: Vented gas inserts use their own vent system that comes with the appliance. The venting pulls air in from the outside, circulates it, and then expels air back outside the home. Your insert vent pipe runs through your existing chimney.

(Note: Non-vented gas inserts are available, but they’re not approved for use in many U.S. jurisdictions. Check before purchasing.)

Gas fireplace insert installation

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation In Roswell, GAWhile installing a gas insert seems like a fairly straightforward job, it can be quite complicated for a novice who isn’t trained in this work. After selecting your new appliance, you should only work with licensed, professional contractors who are experienced in fireplace installations. It’s critical that gas lines are properly connected and that the unit combusts fuel and drafts gases efficiently. If an insert isn’t installed correctly, there is the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning to people and pets within the home.

There is also the risk of a house fire, depending on the errors made during installation. Chimney Solutions of Alpharetta, GA, can help you select the perfect new gas fireplace insert wherever you live in the greater Atlanta area. Our team of experienced, certified fireplace installers will then get your insert set up to run safely and at optimal efficiency. Find out how easy a fireplace upgrade is and learn more about all the benefits that await you by calling (770) 771-5501.


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