Wood Stove Problems and Solutions

Wood StoveA handsome wood stove is a great investment. And like any investment, owners thoroughly enjoy using it when it’s working properly. When wood stove problems arise, however, owners wonder if their investment will wind up being a liability.

Fortunately there’s good news: the majority of “problems” that might occur with wood-burning stoves are easy to fix – and to prevent.

We’ll look at a few issues wood stove owners might face, but first we’ll give you the most important tip of all in preventing wood stove problems: Have the unit installed by an experienced professional and have it cleaned and inspected each year by a pro in that field.

Paint smell

Brand new wood stoves sometimes emit the smell of paint when in use. While nobody likes their rooms to smell like paint, this should be a temporary problem, resolving itself after the new paint on the stove has had time to fully cure. However, if the smell continues for longer than several days or a week, contact your retailer or the manufacturer.

Stained or dirty glass doors

Many newer stoves are built with a system that keeps the glass on doors clean. If your stove doesn’t have this technology, you can clean the doors by wiping off the soot when the glass is at room temperature (i.e., not right after a fire has burned in the stove). A good cleaning agent is, believe it or not, ashes applied with a cleaning cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning implements and cleansers.

Smoking: a common wood stove problem

If your wood stove is smoking, there are several possible reasons, all of which are simple to remedy.

Smoking commonly occurs when the door doesn’t make a complete seal against the body of the stove. The most likely culprit is a worn door gasket. Buy a new one from your hearth store and replace it. If you’re unsure how to do this, have a professional complete the job.

Door problems can allow some degree of smoke to escape into the room. If you’re burning unseasoned wood, the smoke volume will likely be considerably greater. You should only burn seasoned firewood in your stove, and seasoned means dry. Wet or green wood not only produces a lot of smoke, it also creates creosote and smoke deposits within the stove and the vent pipe or chimney.

Wood burning stoves - atlanta

Wood Stove

An obstructed ventilation passage will almost certainly result in a large volume of smoke in the firebox. Common obstructions include animal and bird nests, leaves and twigs, deteriorated masonry and excess creosote. If you suspect a blockage, have your stove system inspected by a professional. Any blockage can keep smoke from being ventilated; a build-up of creosote can cause a fire.

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