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    Chimney Solutions is the Chimney Sweep of choice for the Chamblee GA area and surrounding towns. Our chimney techs provide chimney cleanings, chimney inspections, chimney relining services, chimney & masonry rebuilding, chimney waterproofing, and more.

    chimney swee services Chamblee GA Are you having trouble with the fireplace or chimney at your Chamblee, GA, home? Has it been some time since the chimney was thoroughly cleaned? Are you worried about a leaky chimney? Do you want a better fireplace that brings you more heat in the winter? Chimney Solutions in nearby Alpharetta can help with all these concerns and more. Here’s how.

    Chimney Sweep/Chimney Cleaning

    To remain safe, chimneys that handle smoke from wood-burning fireplaces must be cleaned regularly. Proper cleaning by experienced chimney sweeps involves rotating brushes, scrapers, cleaning solvents and other equipment to dislodge and remove flammable creosote. Annual chimney cleaning is the best way to keep you, your family and your home safe from a possible chimney fire. Our chimney sweeps are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). We know what it takes to safely clean your chimney and remove not only creosote and soot but also obstruction-causing debris such as leaves, twigs, outside dust, small-animal nests and the small animals themselves when they are unable to get out of your chimney. Chimney sweep services once a year is an important step toward a safe and efficient chimney.

    Chimney Inspection Chamblee, GA, & Vicinity

    Chimney Repairs - Chamblee GA

    Annual chimney inspections accomplish something few homeowners can: they spot early signs of damage to the chimney and its components, allowing you to get repairs done before the problem becomes extensive. Trained inspectors look for signs of chimney leaks, masonry decay, component malfunction and more.

    Common areas involved in a certified chimney inspection for our Chamblee customers include:
    • Chimney crowns
    • Interior and exterior masonry
    • Fireplace dampers
    • Roof flashing
    • Smoke shelves/smoke chambers
    • Chimney caps
    • Chimney chase tops
    • Chimney liners

    Chimney Repairs

    Damage to chimneys and their components can be minor all the way up to extensive. Damage can happen because of events (chimney fire, water leak, earthquake, hail storm, etc.) or because of simple old age and wear and tear. Regardless the reason, timely chimney repairs can quickly stop the forward progress of damage. Our chimney repair work involves the following and more:

    • Chimney cap repairs & new cap installations
    • Smoke chamber parging/cleaning
    • Damper repairs/damper replacement
    • Chimney chase top repairs/new installations
    • Chimney liner inspection, repair & replacement
    • Chimney crown repairs & complete rebuilding
    • Chimney brick repairs/tuckpointing

    Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry Work

    Chimneys in severe states of disrepair – bricks are falling away, multiple water leaks are present, chimney is leaning, etc. - require some level of rebuilding. We’ll first perform a thorough chimney inspection to determine the extent of the problem and then get to work with only the chimney rebuilding services and masonry work you need to restore safety to your chimney.

    Fireplace, Stove & Insert Sales/Installation

    Is it time to bring a new, highly efficient heating appliance into your home? Let us help you decide on the perfect model, fuel type, size and heat rating. We’ll then install your new unit safely, correctly and in accord with any local building or zoning codes.

    • Zero-clearance fireplaces: wood & gas
    • Fireplace inserts: gas, wood & pellet
    • Free-standing heating stoves: gas, wood & pellet

    Protect Yourself

    Here’s how to protect yourself against so-called “chimney sweeps” and “chimney companies” that are more interested in your money than in doing a great job.

    • Log onto the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s website and find a qualified CSIA-certified professional in the Chamblee, GA, area.
    • Look at Yelp reviews for the companies you’re considering hiring.
    • Get references from the company’s past clients.
    • Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if an estimate you receive seems way too high.
    • During the job, if you’re told that an unexpected level of extra work is needed, get photo and video proof.


    Homeowners in Chamblee and other Georgia communities trust Chimney Solutions for honest dealings and exceptional results. We serve all of Gwinnett County with the very best in chimney sweep, chimney inspection, chimney repair/rebuilding and heating appliance installation services. We’re CSIA- and NFI-certified. Call us today at (770) 255-1300.

    Call today to schedule your annual chimney inspection and chimney cleaning.

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