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    Chimney Repairs - Johns Creek GAWe provide Johns Creek GA customers with all types of chimney services that may be needed. Our comprehensive chimney services include chimney inspections, chimney repair, masonry repair, chimney building, chimney relining, and more in Johns Creek GA, Marietta, Buford, Kennesaw, Brookhaven, and many more surrounding communities and towns.

    All of our chimney technicians are trained, licensed, and certified.

    Chimney Crowns

    Inspection of chimney crowns is a routine part of chimney inspections for our Johns Creek GA customers. If there are cracks or other openings that could allow moisture into the chimney system, repair or rebuild is needed.

    Smoky Fireplace

    Drafting problems are a common issue among homeowners in Johns Creek GA. A smoky fireplace can be dangerous because of toxic fumes entering the home. Our skilled chimney professionals can identify what is causing the poor drafting and restore proper chimney operation.

    Masonry Rebuild and Repair

    If chimney fireplace masonry repairs or rebuilds are necessary, it’s important that experienced professionals do the work. The expert technicians at Chimney Solutions have skill and experience in all types of masonry rebuild and masonry repair, such as tuckpointing, chimney crown maintenance, chimney rebuilding, firebox repair, parging, and more.

    Smoke Chamber

    The smoke chamber is the transitional area between the firebox and the chimney lining. The majority of chimney fires in the U.S. start in the smoke chamber. Our skilled professionals at Chimney Solutions can repair construction problems with the smoke chamber and can provide whatever type of repair is needed to bring the chimney up to code.

    Fireplace Rebuilding and Restoration

    Among the quality chimney services provided by our chimney experts is restoring old fireplaces and repairing or rebuilding damaged fireplaces. High quality services that we offer to our Johns Creek customers include raising hearths and installing new fireplace surrounds, mantels, fireplace inserts, and more.

    Chimney Waterproofing

    Chimney waterproofing with a coating of water repellent helps to protect chimneys from damaging moisture. Because harsh, wet weather continually wears down a chimney’s structural integrity, we recommend that our Johns Creek GA customers contact us at Chimney Solutions to schedule chimney waterproofing. It is a preventative measure that can ultimately keep down the cost of chimney repairs needed due to moisture.

    Firebox Repair

    The firebricks and refractory mortar in the firebox are able to withstand the extremely high temperatures of fires in your fireplace. Deterioration eventually develops, however, and cracks develop or the bricks might loosen. Our skilled chimney technicians can repair or replace deteriorating fireboxes for our customers in Johns Creek GA. They are skilled at installing the various masonry styles, including the popular Herringbone pattern.

    chimney liner installation Johns Creek GAChimney Liners

    Chimney liners protect homes from hazardous chimney fires. When deterioration of any kind develops in the flue lining, repair or replacement is critical. Our professionals gladly discuss all options with our Johns Creek GA customers, though we tend to believe stainless steel chimney liners are the best choice.

    Prior to each new burn season, fire safety experts highly recommend having a chimney inspection. Our qualified chimney technicians at Chimney Solutions will provide assurance that your chimney is in good working condition. Contact us for all chimney services you may need, including annual chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney rebuilds, wood stove installation, and more.

    We are devoted to consistently providing high quality chimney services, including chimney repairs, to all of our customers in Johns Creek GA, Marietta GA, Buford GA, Kennesaw GA, Johns Creek GA, Brookhaven GA, and many more surrounding communities and towns.

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