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Prefab Fireplace

Factory Built Wood Burning Fireplaces

Factory Built fireplaces (also known as pre-fab) are manufactured Fireplace systems that consist of a metal firebox and metal chimney flue system. These systems are designed to work with specific parts that are tested, approved, and meant to only be used with that particular system. They can burn solid fuel or gas logs. Factory Built Fireplaces are popular in the South, some homes in our area have multiples of these fireplaces, because of their versatility, they make a cost effective choice for many builders & homeowners. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers that are no longer in business, making it impossible to get parts. That’s why at Chimney Solutions we only offer the very best products available. We utilize only manufacturers that have proven longevity in our industry.

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Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry Fireplace and chimney systems are built entirely out of brick, block or stone. Because they are custom, they are all different. These systems are required to be built to the minimum requirements of certain standards set forth by N.F.P.A. Sadly though many of them are NOT, especially in our area. This is due to the lack of legal requirement for a license to build chimneys or even houses in our state for so many years. Even proper inspections during and post construction seems to be unheard of. This is why it is so critical to have your Masonry Fireplace and chimney system serviced and inspected by a real Chimney expert. Many homeowners believe that because they are brick, stone or block, they are safe. This simply is not the case.  Call Chimney Solutions today, we can clean and video inspect your fireplace & chimney so you can have peace of mind knowing the true condition of your system.

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Hearth Stoves

Hearth Stoves

Hearth stoves are stoves that are either specifically designed or adapted for connection to a fireplace. These heaters can be circulating or radiating units.

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Pellet Stoves & Inserts

Fireplace Inserts


Fireplace inserts are appliances that are partially or completely inserted into a fireplace firebox. While these units are classified as circulating heaters, the front portion of the insert is actually a radiant heater.

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Pellet Stoves & Inserts
Wood Stoves & Inserts
Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

As technology advances, so have gas fireplaces. They have gone from merely decorative to highly efficient, safe and effective heaters that add convenience and beauty to your home. There are so many different types of gas fireplaces that it takes truly an expert to service and repair them. Homeowners with these systems may not realize that gas systems require annual care and maintenance. If disregarded, they can still be quite dangerous. Trust your Gas Fireplace to Chimney Solutions, we have the knowledge and experience needed to keep your fire burning safe. Chimney Solutions also offers a full line of high quality Gas Fireplaces and Gas Fireplace Inserts.

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