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    Our licensed chimney sweeps provide Sandy Springs GA customers with all types of chimney services that may be needed, including chimney inspections, chimney repair, masonry repair, chimney building, chimney relining, and more in Sandy Springs, Roswell GA, Smyrna, Buford, Marietta, Alpharetta, Canton GA, and many more service areas.

    Sandy Springs GA Chimney Sweep

    Firebox Repair

    The firebricks and refractory mortar in the firebox can withstand the extremely high temperatures in your fireplace. Over time, however, they develop cracks, and the bricks might loosen. Our chimney experts can repair or replace a deteriorating firebox in Sandy Springs GA. They are skilled at installing the beautiful Herringbone pattern, as well as other styles.

    Fireplace Rebuilding

    Restoring old fireplaces and repairing or rebuilding damaged fireplaces, to restore functionality and beauty, are among the many top-notch services we provide to our Sandy Spring customers. We also raise hearths and install new fireplace surrounds, mantels, fireplace inserts, and more.

    Chimney Crowns

    Inspection of chimney crowns frequently reveals that there are cracks and other openings that could allow moisture into the chimney system. We provide chimney crown repair and rebuild to our Sandy Springs GA customers.

    Masonry Repair and Rebuild

    When chimney fireplace masonry repairs and/or rebuilds are necessary, it’s important that experienced professionals are entrusted with the work. Our chimney experts are skilled in all types of masonry rebuild and masonry repair, such as chimney rebuilding, firebox repair, tuckpointing, chimney crown maintenance, parging, and more.

    Smoke Chamber

    The transitional area between the flue and firebox is called the “smoke chamber,” and it is where the majority of chimney fires get started. Our chimney experts can repair construction problems with the smoke chamber and can often bring chimney venting systems up to code with a relatively inexpensive technique called “parging.”

    Chimney Waterproofing

    A coating of water repellent provides helpful waterproofing, to protect chimneys from damaging moisture. Because wet, harsh weather wears down the integrity of masonry, a chimney’s structural integrity can be prolonged with this preventative measure. We recommend that our Sandy Springs GA customers contact our chimney professionals to schedule chimney waterproofing.

    Chimney Liners

    Chimney liners are extremely important because they protect a home from potential chimney fires. If even the smallest crack develops in the flue lining, repair or replacement is essential. We often recommend that our Sandy Springs GA customers have stainless steel flues installed, though our professionals gladly discuss all options.

    Smoky Fireplace

    Fireplace Repair - Sandy Springs GAWhen many homeowners in Sandy Springs GA experience a smoky fireplace, they contact our chimney experts. Drafting problems can be dangerous, because of toxic fumes entering the home. Our skilled chimney techs are able to identify what is causing the problem and restore proper function.

    Experts highly recommend having a chimney inspection every year, ideally before a new burn season. Chimney professionals at Chimney Solutions can help to ensure that your chimney is safe to use and in good working condition. Contact us for chimney cleaning, inspections, chimney rebuilds, wood stove installation, and more.

    We are happy to provide our high quality chimney services, including chimney rebuilds, to all of our customers in Sandy Springs GA, Roswell GA, Smyrna, Buford, Marietta, Alpharetta, Canton GA, and many more service areas.

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