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Chimney Solutions is proud to be part of the Smyrna, Georgia community. As you explore this wonderful community northwest of Metro Atlanta, you will notice thousands of beautiful white and yellow jonquil florals that decorate the streets in Spring and is why Smyrna is affectionately known as the “Jonquil City.” When you’re ready for a timeout, there is an array of exciting shopping and dining choices in Market Village and the Village Green. Or perhaps you may want to just stretch out and relax in one of the many neighborhoods parks.

Smyrna GA chimney inspectionChimney Inspections

Your chimney is an important safety barrier that prevents the high heat and fumes of a burning fireplace, wood stove or other heating appliance from spreading to the rest of your home. And it must be regularly inspected by certified chimney sweep technicians to ensure it isn’t becoming a safety hazard.  Chimney Solutions has certified techs in Smyrna and follows the chimney inspection guidelines developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). There are 3 levels of inspection: A level 1 inspection is a routine visual inspection of the chimney structure and attached heating appliances to look for blockages, signs of decay and creosote. A level 2 inspection is a more comprehensive inspection that is needed when there has been changes to your fuel, heating or ventilation system or if there was a fire. Finally, a level 3 is the most comprehensive inspection when serious structural problems are found, and it may entail tearing away part of the chimney to find the source.

Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping

Chimney cleaning and sweeping is an important home maintenance item that should not be overlooked. The creosote that forms during the combustion process clings to the chimney and continues to accumulate with every burn along with soot, ash and embers that can create dirty chimney. Creosote is flammable. A spark or high heat is often enough to cause a fire in the chimney. Although gas burns cleaner, there is still residue that needs to be removed from the chimney walls and components like the damper and firebox, for instance. Chimney Solutions has certified chimney sweep technicians in Smyrna for your chimney cleaning and sweeping needs.  Our chimney sweeps have the right tools and equipment to thoroughly clean your fireplace and chimney. The chimney sweep will clear any blockages from the chimney cap. They will vacuum out all the dirt and debris and scrub away the creosote ensuring your fireplace is safe to light.

chimney chase cover repair in Smyrna GAChimney Repairs

Your chimney absorbs a lot of heat and moisture. And as it ages these forces can lead to water leaks, spalling bricks and other damages that will need repair. The chimney cap is another common component that needs repair from time to time. It’s supposed to keep rain and debris out, but if it is damaged or missing things can get messy inside the chimney. Water softens the brick and mortar and could cause a smoky fireplace. And a warped or rusted damper will no longer form an airtight seal when shut resulting decreased energy efficiency. The best way to keep repair costs down is to perform chimney repairs as quickly as possible.

Installations of Fireplace Inserts & Stoves

Chimney Solutions provides installations of fireplace inserts and stoves in the Smyrna area. These EPA-certified state-of-the-art heating appliances are environmentally-friendly and feature the latest technology and are designed to provide maximum heating efficiency while keeping your family warm and toasty during those cooler days and nights. They are available in handsome designs that will complement any home décor. We install fireplace inserts and stoves with your choice of fuel including wood, pellet, gas and electric. Stoves are available in cast-iron, soapstone and steel and can be installed practically anywhere in your home.

Celebrating over 40 years of service, Chimney Solutions is the one to call in Smyrna for your chimney inspections and repairs, sweeping and cleaning, and fireplace and stove installations. Our friendly and experienced uniformed certified chimney sweep technicians arrive in professionally painted white trucks and is available to answer any questions you may have. Call 770-255-1300 to schedule an appointment today!

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