Basics You Need to Know About Chimney Venting

Venting is the fundamental function of chimneys, and there are basics you need to know about chimney venting. Anytime you light a fire in your fireplace, proper venting carries toxic combustion products out of your home. Carbon monoxide fumes are among them, and they can be deadly. A smoky fireplace is evidence of poor venting and it’s more than just a nuisance–it is a danger. Read on to learn important basics about chimney venting.

Smoky Chimney Solutions in Johns Creek GAWhat Causes a Smoky Fireplace?

The obvious thing that happens when a chimney draft is weak is that combustion gases don’t go up the chimney and outside as they should. Instead, more than a little smoke enters the home. Chimney drafting issues are common problems, and there are a number of potential causes, including those that follow. It’s good to contact trusted chimney sweeps like the CSIA-Certified technicians at Chimney Solutions. They have the expertise to identify what’s disrupting your chimney draft.

A Blocked Flue

Chimney flues are often blocked by various types of debris, the most common of which is creosote buildup. If chimney cleaning is neglected, every wood fire leaves behind another layer of creosote. Eventually, creosote buildup is serious enough to make the chimney draft ineffective. Besides creosote, animals and foliage are common causes of flue blockage.

A Chimney Cap Issue

Chimney caps are essential because they keep moisture out of the chimney. When a chimney cap is complete with mesh, it also keeps animals out of the chimney and operates as a spark guard to help extinguish floating embers. The mesh can become clogged, however, which can affect the chimney draft.

Poor Chimney Design

Chimney systems must be built according to certain proven ratios, and it is important that improper flue angles are avoided. Venting problems are often caused by incorrectly designed chimneys that were not built to code. It is important to contact chimney masonry experts for chimney rebuilds. This ensures that the mason you hire understands how to build in a way that helps to ensure optimal performance of the chimney. Brick masons who are not chimney experts are often the cause of poor chimney venting.

Carbon Monoxide Exposure: A Danger of Poor Venting

Carbon monoxide is a toxic fume produced by fires. It is known as the ‘Silent Killer’ because it is odorless, invisible, tasteless, and symptomless. At least, no symptoms show up until it is often too late to make a safe escape from the deadly fumes. This may be the most important of the basics you need to know about chimney venting. It is unsafe to continue using a fireplace when a large amount of combustion gases enter the home and possibly cause dangerous carbon monoxide exposure.

Chimney Sweeping Experts in Woodstock GAChimney Solutions’ Experts Can Correct Chimney Venting Problems

Nobody knows the basics you need to know about chimney venting like trained, certified, experienced chimney sweeps. You get the benefit of a company with multiple certifications and qualified chimney technicians when you contact Chimney Solutions for chimney services.

We fix smoky fireplaces and offer chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, flashing repair, flue liner replacement, chimney masonry repair, and much more.

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