How to Find a Reputable Chimney Sweep

Chimneys require maintenance, same as cars and appliances. When it’s time for you to find a chimney sweep, it’s important to understand that the industry is unregulated. This, unfortunately, means that individuals and so-called chimney sweep companies sometimes claim to have knowledge and expertise they do not possess. The care of your chimney is a matter that affects the safety of your home and family, and only qualified chimney sweeps should be entrusted with that care. The following tips can help to ensure that you schedule true chimney professionals who have your best interests at heart. 

Expert Chimney Repair, Marietta, GAWhat Do Chimney Experts Do?

Chimney maintenance requires a wide range of special knowledge. When you call a reputable company like Chimney Solutions in Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia, the chimney sweeps who come to your home are CSIA-certified. This means they are thoroughly trained and have earned a certification from the leading organization Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). 



The following are examples of the types of knowledge possessed by qualified chimney sweeps as well as some of the many tasks they perform:

  • Local building codes and standards
  • Standard practices for building chimneys and fireplaces
  • Identifying chimney damage
  • Performing annual chimney inspections
  • Animal removal
  • Testing for carbon monoxide intrusion
  • Fixing leaky chimneys
  • Solving smoke drafting problems
  • Testing for moisture intrusion
  • Providing recommendations for chase covers, dampers, chimney liners, and rain caps
  • Masonry rebuilds, including chimneys and chimney crowns
  • Clearing chimney obstructions

Tips on Identifying a Reputable Chimney Sweep

It is always risky to schedule chimney services based on a phone call you receive or a great offer on chimney maintenance costs from an unexpected visitor who came knocking at your door. The unregulated status of the industry practically demands that some research should precede a decision on the best chimney sweep company to hire. The following tips can help you determine whether a chimney sweep company is legitimate and worthy of your trust:

  • Verify whether the company carries liability insurance to provide protection against accidents that may cause damage to your home and belongings.
  • Find out how long the company has been in business. Do not hire a company with no history you can look into.
  • Ask for current references and follow up by calling the numbers provided.
  • Spend time researching reviews of the company. Keep in mind that layers of good but dishonest reviews are often added to cover for genuine complaints that would rightly raise alarms.

Scam Alert!

Be aware that the number one method used by unscrupulous individuals seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners is offering unusually low prices for chimney services. This is often a scam designed to get a foot in the door and then make false claims about “emergency repairs” needed without delay. Such swindlers often use scare tactics and even strong-arm homeowners into paying a large amount upfront for chimney repairs. Then the con artists either take the money and run or go through the motions of providing services that they have no clue how to perform.

Chimney Professionals, Atlanta GARelax and Call Chimney Solutions

The certified experts at Chimney Solutions can take all the guesswork out of hiring reputable chimney professionals. We are trusted chimney service providers in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Alpharetta and the surrounding areas. Customer safety is a priority with regard to chimney services and hygiene practices. Give Chimney Solutions a call today at 770-771-5501.

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