Modern Fireplace Ideas for a Home Remodeling Project

Fireplace remodel A home remodel is an ideal time to bring in that new fireplace you’ve been thinking about, or to relocate or redesign the one you have now. Of course, “fireplace” can mean many different things, so if you’re purchasing new, give some thought to the fireplace itself before planning out a design scheme.

Fireplace fuels

Wood and gas are the most popular fuels for fireplaces. A new wood fireplace can be purchased pre-built, or you can have it constructed from scratch. All wood fireplaces need chimneys, which, depending on the scope of your remodeling project, may limit your choices on where in the home the unit can be placed.

Gas fireplaces are more versatile in their placement. Some models require a basic vent pipe, others require no venting at all. For this reason, you’ll see gas fireplaces placed in many areas within a room or home that might not be ideal for a wood fireplace.

Hearth area design ideas

There are no set-in-stone rules when adding a new fireplace or reconfiguring a current one. Most people like to bring the spirit of the design scheme being used throughout the home in the remodel to the fireplace area to maintain continuity. Here are some ideas that could work well with your plans.


stone fireplace remodelA fireplace with a handsome wood, stone, brick or marble surround topped by a stylish mantel will work well in most home remodel projects. Set on a main wall, this fireplace can run on gas or wood and will make a subtle but unmistakable statement.

Fireplace surrounds

While a “standard” surround may be exactly what you’re looking for, remember: surrounds can be as large and elaborate as you want. You can buy pre-made surrounds, or you can have one custom-built. A surround can take up nearly an entire wall and include shelving areas, recessed spaces, a wood-storage hutch, special lighting and, of course, a variety of materials and finishes.

Middle of the room

Modern fireplaces, particularly gas models, can be placed in the middle of a larger area within the home to serve as a separator. With a double-sided fireplace, you can make both areas incredibly cozy with just one unit. With different-sized surround treatments and platforms, you can have a fireplace that functions almost like a wall, or one that simple breaks up the space a little.


A fireplace can do double-duty when placed in a wall that separates two rooms, such as the den and the kitchen or the living room and a bedroom. This way you’re beautifying and heating two areas with a single unit. Gas fireplaces are ideal for this kind of placement, but if your redesign plans can include a custom-built chimney, wood is a great choice, too.

More ideas

You can get more specific ideas for adding a new fireplace or renovating an existing one by talking with contractors who specialize in fireplace installation. Your local hearth retailer is another good source of advice and direction for fireplace ideas in a remodel project. But remember – it’s your home, so make sure your choices are ones that will delight you for many years to come.

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