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Chimney Solutions has been serving residents in Atlanta GA and the surrounding areas with top-notch chimney services for over 15 years. Don’t let a smoky chimney ruin your enjoyment- call our chimney sweep professionals today!

smoky fireplaceHave you had it with your smoky fireplace?

Not all smoke problems can be easily corrected or even diagnosed. It can take many attempts at trying different solutions before the problem may be fixed. Smoke problems require a process of elimination to determine the right solution. Smoke problems may not always be related to the chimney, as they could even be caused by the home itself. At Chimney Solutions we feel our clients deserve the simplest solution for the most reasonable cost. We can evaluate and inspect your system first, then come up with a plan to get your smoke in the stack where it belongs. Feel like you’ve already tried everything? We offer top-of-the-line chimney exhaust fans that are sure to correct this annoying problem.

Keep the safe operation of your fireplace, heating stove, fireplace insert, chimney & venting systems a top priority. Trust in the pros at Chimney Solutions for any chimney related need.

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