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Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville has CSIA trained & certified experts that can quickly and cost-effectively handle your chimney cleaning & annual inspections in Fayetteville, Whipporwill Ridge, Whitewater, Porters Ridge, Woolsey, Ashley Park, Kenwood, Westbridge, Hampton, Flippen, Sunny Side, Lovejoy, Brooks, Griffin, Experiment, Locust Grove, Wood Valley, Windsor Estates, Sharpsburg, Turin, Tyrone, Newnan, and Senoia.

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A dirty, clogged chimney is not a safe or efficient chimney and that’s why we urge homeowners with fireplaces and heating stoves to contact us for annual chimney cleanings and inspections. A chimney full of creosote, debris, or cracks & deterioration can expose homeowners to C0 poisoning, chimney fires, and other potential dangers.

When you schedule basic chimney maintenance services with Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville, our CSIA certified chimney professionals inspect your chimney and fireplace and provide you with a complete and accurate diagnosis of their condition.

Chimney sweep cleans chimney in Fayetteville GAChimney Cleaning & Inspections

The most common chimney service we provide to residents in Fayetteville GA is chimney cleaning and inspections. Our chimney techs use the best chimney sweep equipment & techniques available. A state-of-the-art video camera is used to make a thorough inspection of the flue and our experienced crew can identify chimney vulnerabilities with ease. Whether it’s a crack in your chimney liner or a flue full of dangerous creosote, no job is too big for our chimney pros. If you need to have your chimney cleaned or your annual chimney inspection performed before the next burn season, contact us today.

Chimney Animal Removal

There are many types of animals that may make their way into your chimney. It’s not unusual for critters to climb, slither, or fly inside of a chimney due to its warmth and protection. If an animal has made a nest in your chimney flue, there can be dangerous and possibly deadly consequences if the blockage is not addressed before you light your next fire. If you own a home in Fayetteville GA and need chimney animal removal services, schedule an appointment with one of our chimney sweep technicians.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over time, dryer exhaust vents can develop a buildup of debris. This can cause inefficiency with clothing dryers as well as reduces how well your dryer works. If your dryer venting system is free and clear, dryer time is reduced, which will help lower your energy costs. It can also prevent fires!

video chimney inspection in Fayetteville GAChimney Draft Problems

Our experts of Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville can identify & resolve problems with chimney drafting. If you have trouble keeping a fire lit or if smoke enters your home as a fire burns, you are experiencing a chimney draft problem. There are many different potential causes of a poor chimney draft, and our trained technicians have the experience to determine what is needed to resolve the issue.

Safety & Efficiency

It can be easy to neglect a chimney since it is usually out-of-sight/out-of-mind. If you have your chimney regularly maintained, inspected, and cleaned you will have better heating output, help lower energy costs, and prevent expensive or dangerous chimney problems.

Call us for dependable basic chimney services such as chimney cleaning and chimney inspections in Fayetteville, Whipporwill Ridge, Whitewater, Porters Ridge, Woolsey, Ashley Park, Kenwood, Westbridge, Hampton, Flippen, Sunny Side, Lovejoy, Brooks, Griffin, Experiment, Locust Grove, and more.

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