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Leaky chimneys can cause homeowners to find water in their attic, stains on their walls and ceiling near the fireplace, or moisture collected at the base of their fireplace. If you happen to be experiencing a chimney leak, contact Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville GA. There are many places where chimneys can leak, and our certified experts know how to spot leaks and moisture problems wherever they exist on a chimney or fireplace. We travel across Fayetteville, along Glynn St, Hood Ave, Bradley Dr, Jeff Davis Dr, Redwine Rd, and Rt 54.

repairing leaking chimney in Fayetteville GAPotential Causes of a Chimney Leak

Finding a chimney leak is not always easy. The exact cause may not be obvious at first glance and it can take an expert to narrow down the possibilities. Our experienced chimney sweeps can perform a cursory inspection to find the cause of a leaky chimney. Here are some common culprits that can be responsible for chimney leaks:

No Chimney Cap – Without a properly functioning chimney cap, rain and water can easily enter your chimney flue. Moisture that soaks into masonry, brick, and your flue lining causes many potential problems that can end up being extremely expensive. Installation of a chimney cap is highly recommended.

Missing or Damaged Chimney Liner- Combustion byproducts contain a lot of moisture, and the chimney liner helps to protect the masonry from destructive moisture. If water or rain enters the chimney flue from the top of an uncapped chimney, a cracked liner can mean that the moisture can seep into the vulnerable masonry or wood frame of a chimney. It is worth taking a look at your liner if you are experiencing a chimney leak.

Faulty Chimney Flashing

The area of the chimney where it enters/intercepts the roof line is usually protected with metal chimney flashing. If the chimney flashing is rusted, deteriorated, or damaged from extreme weather conditions, it can let moisture into your home. Faulty chimney flashing is a quick and easy fix but should always be addressed immediately to prevent structural damage to your roof.

inspecting chimney for leaks in Fayetteville GADamaged Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the cement cover that tops the chimney. If the crown cracks or begins crumbling over time, moisture can seep into the venting system between the flue and the chimney masonry, which can cause expensive water damage.

Contact the professional chimney experts of Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville to pinpoint the cause of a leaky chimney. If moisture is entering your chimney system and the cause of the damage isn’t addressed, the results could be cracked or missing mortar, liner deterioration, and degradation and deterioration of your chimney structure. Schedule annual chimney inspections so that our chimney experts at Chimney Solutions can catch problems before the damage done by moisture is invasive.

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