Fayetteville GA Chimney Liner & Crown Repair

The professional certified chimney technicians of Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville offer a full range of chimney repairs & fireplace repairs for our customers in the Greater Atlanta area. We serve Fayetteville, Whipporwill Ridge, Whitewater, Porters Ridge, Woolsey, Ashley Park, Kenwood, Westbridge, Hampton, Flippen, Sunny Side, Lovejoy, Brooks, Griffin, Experiment, Locust Grove, Wood Valley, Windsor Estates, Sharpsburg, Turin, Turone, Newnan, and Senoia.

top rated chimney service company in GA - fayetteville chimney sweeps perform repairs, rebuilds and masonry work

The chimney sweeps of Chimney Solutions are all certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). This ensures we deliver high quality chimney repair services that include masonry repair & rebuilding, firebox repair, smoky fireplace solutions, chimney liner replacement and installation, smoke chamber parging, chimney crown rebuilding & sealing, chimney waterproofing, and entire fireplace rebuilding services. You may spot our company trucks traveling Highway 54, Lanier Ave, Hood Ave, White Rd, Glynn St, Bradley Dr, Beauregard Blvd, and Jeff Davis Dr as we go on our way to help homeowners with chimney repairs across Fayetteville GA.

chimney crown repair in Fayetteville GA Chimney Masonry Repair & Rebuilding

Homeowners turn to CS of Fayetteville for the best in chimney masonry repairs. Our expert chimney sweeps provide tuckpointing services for crumbling chimney masonry, chimney crown repair to prevent moisture damage, and smoke chamber parging to increase the efficiency of your chimney’s venting capabilities.

Firebox Repair

Even though a fireplace’s firebox is designed to withstand high temperatures associated with burning wood, refractory mortar and firebricks can still deteriorate with time and usage. Whether because of missing mortar, cracking, or deterioration, our chimney professionals routinely rebuild or repair fireboxes for homeowners located in Fayetteville GA and the surrounding communities.

Chimney Liners

Being the one of the most critical components of the chimney system, chimney liners must be well maintained in order to be safe and efficient. Whether you have a cracked liner, a missing liner, or a deteriorating liner, our chimney sweeps will install or repair all types of chimney liners we encounter.

Smoky Fireplace Repair

If your fireplace doesn’t vent properly and lets smoke pour into your home instead of out of the chimney, call on the experts at Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville. We can determine the issues that are causing your fireplace to smoke and help find a solution to remedy this annoying and dangerous problem.

Smoke Chamber Parging

The smoke chamber is the transitional are between the firebox and the flue. If the smoke chamber is not properly constructed or lacks sufficient parging, we can help. Checking the smoke chamber is part of every inspection and we take serious care when examining the smoke chamber, considering that it is where about 60% of all chimney fires start in the United States.

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is located at the top of the chimney and it is designed to prevent water from entering the internal chimney system. When a chimney crown becomes cracked or starts to crumble over time, moisture can find its way into the vulnerable areas of your chimney and cause serious, expensive damage. Our Fayetteville chimney experts can seal, repair, and rebuild chimney crowns to prevent moisture damage.

chimney waterproofing to prevent leakingChimney Waterproofing

The integrity of chimney masonry is constantly being compromised from harsh weather conditions. A coating of water repellant can help to prolong the structural integrity of a chimney, and it is a treatment we recommend for all of our customers in Fayetteville GA.

Fireplace Rebuilding

When it’s time to restore your fireplace to increase the functionality & beauty, Chimney Solutions of Fayetteville provides full fireplace rebuilding services. We can raise hearths, install a new fireplace insert or stove, build a new fireplace surround or mantel, and repair brickwork to create the fireplace of your dreams.

If your chimney is in need of masonry repairs before the next burn season, contact our chimney professionals today. We serve all of the Greater Atlanta area and are known for our excellent workmanship, reliability, and fair prices.

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