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Do you have an old chimney in need of repair?  Has weather, fire or other events damaged your chimney?  If so, you’ll be happy to know that the service technicians employed by Chimney Solutions are all trained and certified to expertly perform all types of chimney repair work.  Count on us for masonry repairs, chimney crown repair, tuckpointing, chimney rebuilding and more throughout Atlanta and Fulton County.

atlanta ga chimney repair and chimney rebuilding

Our team has specific expertise in the operation of venting systems and all codes and regulations governing the use of your fireplace and chimney.  When we undertake a project that involves chimney repair, restoration or rebuilding, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s being done according to the highest industry standards. Here are some common chimney repair jobs.

chimney tuckpointing in Atlanta GA


The average chimney masonry will last about 25 years, sometimes less.  At one point, decomposition will begin and can lead to the chimney being unsafe to operate.  Tuckpointing is a process we use to replace old, crumbly mortar with new, strong mortar.  The result is restored structural integrity and safety.  We provide tuckpointing on chimneys throughout the Atlanta region.

Chimney Crown Repair

The chimney crown is the concrete slab that covers most of the top opening of the chimney.  Its purpose is to keep water from penetrating the system.  Crowns are prone to developing cracks over time, and these cracks can let in damaging water.  Bricks and mortar can be damaged by water as can the home’s building materials adjacent to the chimney.  Call Chimney Solutions to repair or rebuild a damaged chimney crown.


Another chimney service we offer is parging.  In this process, we coat the surfaces on the inside of the smoke chamber with a mortar compound.  This seals gaps and holes and smooths out rough surface areas so that combustion gasses and carbon monoxide travel more efficiently through the flue.  Construction codes mandate that all newly built chimneys be parged, and existing chimneys should be, too.

Chimney Rebuilding

If a chimney has gone too long and experiences significant deterioration of its bricks and mortar, it likely will begin to lean.  A leaning chimney is a very dangerous chimney.  Fortunately, we can do a complete rebuild, leaving you with a new chimney that will serve you well for many years.

chimney heatshield repair in Atlanta GAChimney Liner Repair

Age and intense heat can eventually compromise even the best chimney liners, making them unsafe.  Broken or cracked liners can allow condensation to seep into the chimney structure and cause severe damage over time.  Chimney Solutions provides Atlanta homeowners with complete chimney liner repair and installation services.

Firebox repair

Fireboxes, like all components of a fireplace system, can fall into disrepair.  Surrounding bricks and mortar can begin to deteriorate, leaving sections of the home’s building materials vulnerable to fire.  Our certified technicians can repair or rebuild damaged fireboxes to ensure the safety of you and your family and restore the look and beauty of your fireplace.

Chimney Solutions in nearby Alpharetta, GA, serves many customers in and around Atlanta with the very best in chimney inspection, cleaning, repair and rebuilding.  Call us today at (770) 255-1300 to make sure your fireplace system is in top shape all year long.

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