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    For simple or complex residential chimney sweep services, Atlanta homeowners trust Chimney Solutions for expert performance and amazing results.  We serve customers throughout the Atlanta and Fulton County region.

    Reasons to have your chimney cleaned and inspected every year

    Fireplaces are wonderful amenities in a home, but they don’t take care of themselves.  A clean fireplace and chimney means safety for everyone inside your home, but a fireplace system that is never cleaned or maintained can be very dangerous.

    Particularly with wood-burning fireplaces, chimneys need regular attention to operate safely and efficiently.  When a fire is burning, combustion gasses and smoke move into the chimney and begin depositing a substance known as creosote.  This is a highly flammable compound and is the cause of more than 25,000 chimney fires in America each year.  Another reason to have your chimney inspected is to check for water leaks and resulting damage to the bricks and mortar and the chimney liner.

    Most homeowners lack the equipment and know-how to properly inspect and clean a chimney.  That’s why so many Atlanta residents count on Chimney Solutions.  Our technicians are certified and experienced in handling all levels of chimney inspection, cleaning, repair and rebuilding.  We know your chimney inside and out so you don’t have to.

    Chimney inspection

    The best way to inspect the inside of a chimney is with the state-of-the-art video equipment that’s now the industry standard.  With a special camera, your technician can see every inch of the inside of your chimney to locate small cracks and decomposition and also to determine the level of creosote buildup.

    Chimney Solutions inspection services also focus on the chimney cap, the chimney crown, the flashing, the damper and the chimney structure itself.  We know how to spot the smallest leaks and compromises and get them fixed quickly.  We can replace or repair components as needed.  In cases where extensive damage to the bricks and mortar of the chimney is present, we can perform tuckpointing to fill in open spaces with new mortar.  In the most extreme cases, we can rebuild the entire chimney, making it safe to use once again.

    Chimney cleaning

    Chimney cleaning involves complete cleaning of the flue, the smoke chamber and the firebox with equipment such as special chimney brushes, rods and a vacuum cleaner to keep soot and debris out of your home during the job.  Chimney Solutions prides itself on our neat and efficient chimney cleaning process.  When we finish the cleaning, your chimney will be safe and free of flammable compounds as well as any obstructions that may have been preventing a thorough exhaust.

    When leaves, twigs, animal nests and other debris end up in your chimney, the resulting obstruction can lead to smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide backdrafting into the house.  Carbon monoxide is odorless, invisible and highly toxic to humans and animals.  Another problem with debris in a chimney is that it provides additional fuel for a fire.

    Dryer vents

    While we’re servicing your chimney, consider having us take a look at the vent on your clothes dryer.  Over time these vents can become seriously clogged, which makes your dryer have to work harder and increases your electric bill.  We can expertly clean your dryer vent.

    Buckhead Chimney & Fireplace inspections

    A chimney should be clean and safe

    Atlanta homeowners know that the best chimney is one that’s properly maintained and professionally cleaned.  Chimneys should be cleaned on an annual basis to ensure proper venting and minimal creosote buildup.  Chimneys need periodic inspection to spot small problems before they become big problems that are expensive to fix.

    If you live in Atlanta or anywhere else in Fulton County, GA, call Chimney Solutions today at (770) 255-1300 to schedule a thorough cleaning and inspection of your chimney and fireplace.

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