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Outdoor Fireplace Safety and Maintenance

What’s the next best thing to sitting by a cozy fire inside your home in winter? How about enjoying nice Read more

What to Do if your Chimney Liner is Damaged

One of the most important reasons to have an annual chimney inspection is to be sure the chimney liner is Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Install Glass Doors on your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, there are two things you probably know: first, a fireplace is a Read more

Two Hidden Causes of House Fires: Pyrolysis and Batteries

People who have fireplaces in their homes are usually aware that they need to be careful about preventing house fires. Read more

3 Compelling Reasons Annual Chimney Inspections are Worth the Cost

Many homeowners in the U.S. are finding creative new ways to cut costs and live on tighter budgets, but cutting Read more

Flashing: A Leading Cause of Chimney Leaks

A masonry chimney can look beautiful and unscathed by weather conditions; all the while, it’s possible that the chimney flashing Read more

Three Common Fireplace Safety Mistakes

A fireplace is an asset that increases the value of any home, but it’s important for homeowners to recognize potential Read more

Do Your Walls have Ghosting aka Soot Stains?

When walls and ceilings have soot stains, also known as ghosting, it may not be apparent until the problem has Read more

7 Benefits of Heating with a Fireplace or Wood Stove

Anyone who has experienced a roaring fire in a fireplace during winter knows what an asset a fireplace can be Read more

Ten Benefits of a Zero Clearance Fireplace

Zero-clearance fireplaces make it possible to enjoy a cozy fireplace in just about any room. These pre-manufactured fireplaces can be Read more

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