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Chimney sweeps in Peachtree City GA provide solutions and repairs for chimney leaks in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, and Fayette County GA.

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Water stains or your wall, puddles of water in the attic, and drips of water in your firebox all indicate a serious issue that probably involves a chimney leak. Moisture and water can do severe damage to a chimney system and the surrounding masonry material. Once a chimney leak is discovered, it’s best to call Peachtree City’s trusted chimney repair specialists – Chimney Solutions. A leaky chimney can cause a lot of expensive damage if not addressed quickly, so our chimney sweeps work diligently to repair chimney leaks as fast as possible.

chimney leaking in Peachtree City GAWhat Causes of Chimney Leaks

The exact cause of a chimney leak can be hard to determine at first glance. Cracked masonry material, a failing chimney cap, cracks of the chimney crown and flashing are all possible causes. Our experienced chimney techs are able to narrow down these possibilities to find the exact cause of your leaky chimney. Here’s a look at some common culprits: Missing or Damaged Chimney Cap – A chimney cap acts as an umbrella for the top of your chimney. If your chimney does not have a chimney cap or if your current chimney cap is broken, rain, snow, and moisture can easily enter through your chimney opening. Moisture that soaks into masonry, brick, and your flu lining causes many potential problems so installation of a chimney cap is highly recommended for everyone with a fireplace. Peachtree City GA residents can contact our chimney experts today to schedule a hassle-free chimney cap installation. New Chimney Liner Needed – Combustion byproducts contain a lot of moisture and a chimney liner is what helps protect the masonry and other construction materials protected from the smoke & moisture byproducts of a wood fire. When a chimney cools down after a fire has burnt out, the drop in temperature causes a lot of condensation, which may also lead moisture damage without a proper chimney liner. If you are unsure of the condition of your chimney liner but are experiencing a leaky chimney, our chimney sweeps can perform a quick inspection to find out if the chimney liner is the culprit. Faulty or Missing Flashing – The strip of metal pieces that covers the connection between your roof and chimney is called chimney flashing. This is designed to create a waterproof seal but can pose a problem when the metal flashing has deteriorated, rusted, or broke off due to a storm.  If even a small amount of rust begins to allow moisture to leak in, the damaged flashing can result in expensive water damage to your roof, attic, or chimney structure. Damaged or Cracked Chimney Crown – The cement cap that tops your chimney is called the chimney crown. As with other masonry material, exposure to weather conditions, freeze & thaw cycles, and regular use can cause the cement to crack, erode, or deteriorate. Once a chimney crown begins to crack or crumble, water will be able to seep into the chimney opening and vulnerable masonry interior and cause moisture damage. Our Peachtree City GA chimney experts are able to fix and repair damaged chimney crowns and restore the integrity and waterproof seal of a chimney crown.

chimney inspection in Peachtree City GAQualified Chimney Sweep Needed!

Water and moisture is the number one enemy of a healthy chimney system. Water damage from a leaky chimney is expensive to repair and can cause a number of structural issues. If you notice a leak from your chimney and are unsure of what is causing the water intrusion, contact the chimney experts at Chimney Solutions Peachtree City so we can address the issue immediately. An annual chimney inspection can also identify potential moisture problems before they become a major repair expense. Contact our chimney professionals for repair of chimney leaks in Roswell GA and the surrounding communities.

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