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Our chimney sweep technicians are skilled at tuckpointing, masonry repairs, chimney rebuilding, chimney crown repair, and more, and service chimneys in Peachtree City GA, Fayetteville, Tyrone, and Fayette County GA

Certified Chimney Service - Chimney Repair Technicians in Peachtree City GA

Chimney Solutions is the trusted chimney service provider for the Greater Atlanta area, including Peachtree City. We only employ CSIA certified & trained chimney technicians so all of our work meets and exceeds industry standards for chimney repairs & rebuilding.

From chimney liner installations to chimney masonry repair and chimney crown rebuilding, our experienced chimney sweeps have acquired an extensive knowledge about venting systems operation, regulation requirements, and every aspect of chimney rebuilding, restoration, and repair. You can’t miss our distinctive company trucks as our sweeps travel across RT 54, McIntosh Trail, S Peachtree Parkway, and down RT 74, Robinson Rd, and Crosstown Drive.

chimney tuckpointing in Peachtree City GAMasonry Repair / Tuckpointing

As time goes on, your chimney is exposed to harsh weather conditions and regular usage. The mortar and masonry materials that a chimney is constructed with will eventually need repaired to maintain structural integrity and prevent leaks and moisture problems. Our expert chimney sweep masons will remove and repair cracked or crumbing masonry and mortar and replace with new materials. This simple process is cost-effective and can get your chimney looking brand new again.

Chimney Rebuilding

If your chimney is not maintained properly, moisture can cause erosion and deterioration of our chimney & venting structure. Once the masonry material and mortar is compromised, the structural integrity of the chimney will begin to fail. This can cause a chimney to lean or collapse. If your chimney is worse for the wear, it may be time for chimney rebuilding. Our professional sweeps provide chimney rebuilding services for Peachtree City, Tyrone GA, and all of Fayette County.


Parging is a very effective way to fix a number of chimney issues. By applying a stucco-style masonry material to the surface of the interior of a chimney, our chimney sweeps can help improve drafting problems, fix leaks, and a number of other benefits. Parging is also sometimes used instead of tuckpointing, when there is excessive mortar deterioration.

Firebox Repair

If your chimney experiences a leak or mortar deterioration, a firebox rebuild may be in order. A firebox is what houses the burning logs, embers, and ashes and keeps the surrounding wall and combustible materials around the fireplace from catching fire or melting due to extreme heat.When a rebuild is necessary, our chimney technicians have the skills to get the job done right, including reconstruction with the popular Herringbone pattern, which is preferred by many homeowners in Roswell GA.

chimney liner repair in Peachtree City GAChimney Liner

Our superior chimney liner installation service for Peachtree City and the surrounding towns and communities is one of the reasons homeowners choose Chimney Solutions for chimney liner problems. Whether we are removing & replacing or repairing or installing a chimney liner, you can rest assured knowing that we use the best products on the market and will complete your project quickly and to the highest standards.

Chimney Crown Repair

Located at the top of the chimney, the chimney crown is the masonry top to a chimney that is designed to keep moisture out of the venting system and liner. If a chimney crown develops cracks or begins to crumble, the structure will become susceptible to water damage and moisture problems. Our Peachtree City Chimney Sweeps provide chimney crown repair and waterproofing to prevent these issues from getting out of hand.

Chimney Sweeps Provide Chimney Repairs in Peachtree City GA / Fayetteville GA Tyrone GA / Fayette County GA

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