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Our chimney technicians are all Certified Chimney Sweeps experienced at tuckpointing, chimney rebuilding, and masonry repairs in Marietta GA and other towns in Cobb County, including Fair Oaks, Smyrna, Mableton, and Kennesaw.

certified chimney sweep rebuilding chimneys masonry chimney repairs

When our customers in Marietta GA and other Cobb County cities such as Smyrna, Kennesaw, Mableton, and Fair Oaks need chimney masonry repair or a masonry rebuild, we are proud to get the work done with an extensive knowledge about regulation requirements and the operation of venting systems. As a result of years of experience and continuing education in our chimney sweep careers, our masonry experts always achieve performance at the highest level.

Marietta GA chimney masonry rebuildYour fireplace and chimney have the potential to be dangerous fire hazards. When masonry repair or rebuilding becomes necessary, day laborers may be available to lay brick at cheaper prices than our professionals, but there is no quality assurance. It often costs much more money in the end, when homeowners hire unqualified builders for fireplace and chimney restoration. The masonry repairs we offer our Marietta customers are comprehensive and include Herringbone firebox construction and minor mortar joint tuckpointing. We can re-face spalling brick, restoring the structure to its original beauty.

We understand that getting masonry work done can be an inconvenience for our customers. We proceed with the work efficiently and achieve the highest quality of workmanship. Our masonry repair services offered in Marietta GA, Mableton, Fair Oaks, Kennesaw, Smyrna, and other cities in Cobb County include the following: chimney lining, tuckpointing, chimney crown maintenance, chimney rebuilding, parging, and firebox repair.


Chimney masonry is durable but doesn’t last forever. Mortar typically needs to be repaired about every couple of decades, on average. Tuckpointing is a procedure in which mortar is replaced and the original condition of brick and mortar are typically restored. Tuckpointing in Marietta is among the services we perform routinely in Cobb County.

Chimney Crown Repair

When the chimney crown is in good condition for our customers in Cobb County GA, it helps to keep moisture damage away from the chimney masonry. Cracked, crumbling chimney crowns need to be rebuilt or repaired.

Chimney Rebuilding

If deteriorating chimney mortar isn’t replaced, moisture gets in and results in spalling or breakage of the masonry. If a cracked chimney crown isn’t repaired, the results can be the same. When the chimney structure goes unrepaired and gets to the point that it’s leaning, chimney rebuilding for homeowners in Marietta GA becomes necessary.

Chimney Liner

To prevent hazardous chimney fires that can lead to house fires, chimney liners must be in good condition, with no deterioration or cracks. Our chimney liner services include the masonry work that may be involved. Partial chimney teardowns in Marietta may be required, depending on the type of replacement chimney liner being installed.

chimney Parging in MariettaParging

Parging is a traditional approach used to address various chimney issues. The procedure involves applying a stucco-like material to a masonry surface. Benefits include accommodating effective drafting of combustion by-products. Parging is also sometimes used in place of tuckpointing, when mortar deterioration is excessive.

Firebox Repair

Same as the chimney liner, the firebox keeps excessive heat from combustible components of your home. If your Smyrna fireplace has cracked bricks or deteriorating mortar, we can rebuild with high temperature refractory mortar and new fire bricks. Our chimney technicians are experts at firebox rebuilds, including the beautiful and highly popular Herringbone pattern.

Is your firebox or chimney in need of repair? Contact us, whether you are in Marietta or another city in Cobb County such as Fair Oaks, Smyrna, Mableton, and Kennesaw. Our experienced chimney specialists are experts in masonry rebuilds and repairs.

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