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What Is Stuck In Your Chimney?

Is Something Strange Stuck in Your Chimney? The holiday season is just around the corner, and children everywhere will soon Read more

The Three Types Of Creosote

The Three Types of Creosote, from Least to Most Hazardous Did you know that whenever you burn wood in your Read more

Tips For Greater Fireplace Efficiency

How to Improve Fireplace Efficiency Fireplaces and wood stoves at one time were more than popular amenities; they were a Read more

U.S. Household Fires Provide Lessons In Safety

U.S. Household Fires Provide Lessons in Safety A fireplace is one of the most appealing features in any home, but Read more

How To Have a More Eco-Friendly FirePlace

Environmentally Friendly and Not-So-Friendly Facts about Wood-Burning For those of you who use a fireplace and are also interested in Read more

What Is TuckPointing

What is Tuckpointing, and How can it Save You Money? A fireplace is a beautiful thing, but the chimney is Read more

National Fire Prevention Week is Oct 6 – 12

Next week marks the 91st annual National Fire Prevention Week! Each year in the beginning of October, the National Fire Read more

Home Improvements 101- The Chimney Liner

Whether you are buying a house or just doing some improvements around your current home, making sure your chimney liner Read more

Misconceptions About Chimneys

A fireplace is often a coveted feature that homeowners look for when purchasing a new house. While many imagine the Read more

Why You Want & Need a Wood Stove

If you are considering updating your heating system or are looking to add a functional yet decorative statement to your Read more

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